less is more

by the toys du jour

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released May 18, 2012



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the toys du jour Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: derelict dreams
These are derelict dreams ripped apart at the seams by self attacking hearts hoarding what it all means.
These are derelict dreams, but be wary of the scream the end justifies the means because the end is but a total of the means plus the means. And if the end is a place where some people can't go, consider me a no show, cuz how we gonna grow. When there's only two choices i'd say both are probably wrong. Given Jesus or Satan I'll stick wit tommy Chong. Energizer duracell Pepsi coke republican democrat choice joke. And the masses aren't asses cuz they don't know who crass is and of that's thinking differently then I think I need a different me. Cuz I'm on a quest to find a freedom that's free. And any ism is a prison when it don't know how to listen.
These are derelict dreams but despite what it seems we got more power than the kings and the queens. Kill the kings and the queens.
Track Name: slow is beautiful
take your time & look at the sky.
take your time at night and in daylight.
take your time, do the math.
beat the whites with the red wedge!
Track Name: elephant shoe
I'm in love with the farmers daughter. But he's in love with MTV?
I don't think that we've been honest.
I'm in love with my pillow but it is so far away.
We are all waiting for something.
Track Name: unconscious me
Unconscious me can no longer swim inside this sea. Ever since there's been fences there's been ways to get in. Ever since there's been castles we've been plotting destruction. For they sing for wage. We sing from heart. You can hear it deep inside of their song so we do not sing along.
Track Name: mountain
i got you under my skin:
caffiene, alcohol, alcohol, nicotine,
these are the things she consumes daily,
but i was a mountain watching eternity fly by
knowing fully well that i would never die
then a berry tree grew on top of me eaten by a bird flown out to sea
lyin' in the sun, dyin' on the beach
don't challenge me/ please challenge me
'cause i know when i feel bad i can get in a bad mood
and the world can seem so sad only you make me feel good.
i got you under my skin.
Track Name: cheers
Plots and plans. Side show scams. Hold that hand. Make romance. Bullet proof memories. Take a chance. Love buffet. Cheers your friends. So long. All good ends. So long. When youre gone. You're gone. So dont get caught up in shiny jeans. Days of dreams. Nights of schemes, howls and screams. Cuddle up. Trains all gone. Good is bad. Mom, it's dad. Loaded gun. Empty gin. Forced entry. Weekend wins.
Track Name: tonight is the night
lets find a place to call it even
got all the truce we need, it might be heaven
doin' the angel - hop,hop,hoppin on your head-
& said the devil things i ought not have said like:
try your unabashed best, your bold blessed,
love less people more & love more people less.
you unawed, undismayed, blatantly brazen,
end it here. wash your clothes & cut your hair. And remember that time we walked fifteen miles. To stand outside the window. With nothing to say. But that is okay. Because tonight is the night.
Track Name: you are beautiful
We all feel consequence of lack of love and times when they get to you.
Right words at wrong moments and you've been pushed to the edge. But don't you jump. Don't you let them take your breath away this time. Don't you be afraid to sit alone and grow. Words and foes will fade but what you could be. Cuz this is your song. This is your dance. This is your choice. The freedoms on your breath tonight. The freedoms on our breath tonight. Don't let them take your breath away this time.